Call Center

Custom forms

Knowing that every client is unique you can customize fields acording to your needs. With this feature you cand adjust your application needs to improve your bussiness and your customer experience

Flexible and easy to use interface

Application user interface meets all requirements to offer an very good user experience. Application interface use a familiar design which make intuitive and very easy to use. Using latest programming technology make application run with a very fast response time making a better user experience

Automatic geolocation

With this feature intervention team can have access of the location reported in call center and optimize response time to reported problems. Also you can see in realtime status of the problems reported and can manage intervention team more efficient

Call queue

Agents can see incoming contextual information about customer calling including hold/waiting time of each call received. The visual proximity, intuitive design and ease of operation of interface can increase efficiency, reduce call handling time and improve customer satisfaction. Intelligent call queues allow you to field calls based on predefined business rules. You can monitor queue status and other advanced call center statistics in order to make more effective decisions. This will help your data-driven workforce reduce wait time and enhance each caller experience.

Reporting & Monitoring

Easy check your call center performance and optimise KPIs. Create custom reports filtering by phone number, agent, deparment and time frame. With call monitoring you can Listen call in real time without the agent or caller knowing to silently guarantee quality standards required or you can listen later if you chose to record calls